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I’m not entirely sure what OA unity means to me, but a specific memory early in my program comes to mind.

After a meeting, one member said to another, “I love you if you’re eating. I love you if you’re not eating. I love you because you are a compulsive overeater.”

This was one of the kindest things I’d ever heard—free from judgment, overflowing with kindness and compassion.

I still struggle with a need to make judgments and a desire for control both inside and outside OA. But the rooms are like a dressing room where I can try on non judgment and see how it feels. And it feels so much better. Sometimes, now, it comes naturally, and that feels even better. But when I’m out of touch with my Higher Power, the judgment comes creeping back in much more readily.

In those moments, it helps me to think, “Are my words or actions going to bring people together and spread love, or are they going to tear people apart and cause suffering?” When I take time to pause and reevaluate and let my Higher Power in, often those judgments are mercifully lifted. I am grateful for the opportunities in OA to write and reflect on these experiences.

— Joanna

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