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Service Before, Service Now

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Service came to me before abstinence. I attended and participated in OA meetings, which is a form of service, before the compulsion to overeat was lifted from me.

Relief from obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors involves an ongoing learning with others in recovery that is guided by a Higher Power. Today, I am recovered from what seemed to be a hopeless state of body and mind, and I get to do service. I’m grateful for meetings, our OA-approved literature, telephone calls, and all the other Tools that help me understand and practice abstinence. Thank you for this, Higher Power and OA.

Today, I give service to the Fellowship by turning my will and life over to the care of a loving Higher Power and using the OA Tools. I participate in meetings, sponsor another recovering compulsive eater, temporarily sponsor others on an ad hoc basis, take and make OA telephone calls, write articles to submit to Lifeline, and contribute financially to OA service bodies, including local meetings and virtual service boards for OA-HOW telephone meetings, and I contribute to the World Service Office. I take phone calls, emails, and videoconference-based messages from new and returning compulsive eaters, and I maintain the practices that support my recovery so I can be ready to assist others as Higher Power wills. I share my OA experience and OA literature with my physicians and counselors to make professionals aware of our program.

These are forms of service I can do right now, and I enjoy them. They help me share what I’ve been given freely, ask for help, live in community with other OA members, creatively express myself, hear others, and learn about physical, emotional, and spiritual recovery in OA.

— Alyson H.

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