Having Faith

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When I feel empty, alone, uncertain and frightened, I need to act as if some force in the universe exists that will guide me. People search for certainty in many places and things outside of themselves, but if I trust that intuitive voice within, I know what is right for me. I get in touch with that voice at quiet times through music, nature, a beautiful place, prayer, a picture, or the face of a child or spiritual person. Inside of me is a God Center, hidden but accessible when I seek and ask what I should do. In time, I will know.

Faith means trusting and believing when I don’t know. I have faith that my lessons for life (the pain and joy) help define my next action.

I can live and make choices each day. Pain is sometimes the teacher I pay attention to in order to change direction, thinking, attitude and action.

When I do the right thing, I have a sense of joy and excitement about life and experience love in the broad sense of feeling lovable, and loving the world and people in it. My heart is light, and I feel purposeful. I want to give to the world because I can, and I become self-caring yet selfless.

I release the energy needed to tackle overwhelming things which I have avoided by procrastinating. These things weighed me down and undermined my self-esteem. I am able to pace myself, and time seems endless. I wonder why I waited so long to take care of things. A sense of accomplishment and well-being fills me with strength and power, which become my bedrock. Sometimes these moments are short, sometimes longer. But when I experience them, I feel aligned within, and I know I am receiving the guidance to do what is right.

I am powerless over people, places and things, but I can connect to a Higher Power. When I find it, I feel focused, happy and strong enough to meet the day’s challenges. I am not alone, ever.

— Cora D., Bronx, New York USA

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