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As a newcomer in OA, I have been very grateful for all the members who write for Lifeline and create our OA books and pamphlets. Reading the literature produced by these members and attending my weekly meetings is helping me find my way, one Step at a time.

One particular article that speaks to me is “Peaceful Progress,” the Spiritual Path selection in the February 2017 Lifeline. These words, written by an anonymous author, helped me through Step Two at a time when I felt overwhelmed (and frankly put off at times) by other people’s understandings of their Higher Powers. “Peaceful Progress” is a thoughtful essay about this issue. Some of my favorite quotes from this story are:

“My path to spirituality is my path. I am not “bad” because I do not follow the religion of my sponsor, my friend, or my relative.”

“My spirituality connects me to what gives me peace, harmony, balance, and sanity.”

I cannot convey how much relief I felt reading these words and the rest of the article. It has meant so much to me. Now, when I met a newer OA member who has the same kinds of questions, I can share this article with him or her.

Thanks to all of you who take the time to write and share your experiences. You never know how many chords you will strike in the hearts of fellow OA members.

— Anonymous, USA

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