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My Plan Keeps Me Moving

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I normally start my day with my arthritis exercises before I get out of bed. But if I am just not feeling it, then I get out of bed, turn on my computer, pour a cup of coffee, and start my meditation and journaling. I have several daily readers from which I read, and then I do freewriting to tell myself (and my sponsor) what I felt about the reading. This is part of my meditation since I know my Higher Power is orchestrating my words, and it is where I get my inspiration and initial motivation. I see it as my first action.

When I have finished my freewriting, I start my next paragraph with my food commitment for the day. I always try to commit to a plan of eating that I can stick to, even with the hurling of spontaneous changes that life decides I need to experience on any given day. I try to keep my plan simple and easy. (I try to be a simple and easy person in all that I do.) I cover all the food groups and spread them out among three meals for the day. On a day when it is impossible for me to stick to my plan, however, I aim for the progress, not the perfection. In an emergency, I stay away from my trigger foods since I am already in a tizzy over the fact that my routine has been interrupted. Program Tools keep me within my parameters and help me survive!

The last part of my reflection time in the morning is making an action plan. This can be a tricky one for me. I normally commit to some form of physical exercise outside of the house, but I live in Chicago and the weather does not always cooperate. I’m lucky to work in a 90,000-squarefoot (8,400-m² ) building, which gives me plenty of opportunities to get my steps in on those bad weather days. I normally commit to walking thirty minutes a day. On the weekends, I cruise the grocery store at a moderately fast speed while shopping. This keeps me on my toes because I have to watch out for oncoming shoppers, plus it’s difficult to pick up impulse items on the run!

In addition to committing to physical exercise in my action plan, I commit to work another area of program. The time I commit to can vary, but I try to get in an additional thirty minutes if possible. I usually text, email, or call someone, but if that doesn’t work out, I get out more literature to read or attend a meeting—face-to-face is preferable, but online is my next sure bet. I then close out my day with a verbal gratitude list to my Higher Power. It relaxes me and helps me fall asleep.

I guess one could say that from the time I wake up to the time I close my eyes, I am working an action plan. By committing to times and actions, I am “in the moment of program” my entire day. My plan keeps me motivated, interested, and moving. Moving is a good thing.

— Liz

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