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This is the first year that I am not making New Year’s resolutions. My resolutions usually lasted only through New Year’s Day anyway before it all got too hard or my desire waned.

The action plan is something that I use every single day, and I only have to use it for today. There is no expectation other than in these twenty-four hours. As I have found, expectation is the thief of joy, and what a relief that is to know. Only today matters—no deadline or commitment hangs over my head. My only resolution on rising is to use the action plan.

My action plan is usually the same. Don’t overeat. When you do eat, eat nutrient dense food. If you do feel like eating, use the Tools. That’s the way my HP and this lifesaving program guide me.

Like the literature says, the action plan may vary and be adjusted to bring structure, balance, and manageability into our lives. When I’m not implementing my action plan, I miss out on those things. Balance stops my anxiety and stress, and manageability is the biggest thing I need for my sanity and to be of use to others.

I have been with OA since December 14, 2013, and I have been abstinent since February 25, 2014. My heaviest weight was 130 kilograms (287 lbs), but I have no idea what I weigh now because I don’t weigh myself.

This program came to me when I was spiritually and emotionally bankrupt. My priorities are spiritual and emotional at this time. The physical will come.

— Karen W., Australia

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